Emmanuel Ndifon
Chairman of the Board
Emmanuel is a scholar of outstanding disciplines whose passion in community building and grass root mobilization makes him a very unique resource person within the African community. His high sense Read More
Victoria Ndu-ljaodola
Secretary General
Victoria Ndu-ljaodola has her roots in Ghana: As someone with a strong value for humanity influenced by her higher academic pursuit, her passion is to impact the life of young Read More
Esther Mofor Mbi
Financial Secretary
Esther Mofor Mbi: She holds a BA in Banking and Finance and an MA in accounting. She is the founder of the association of ethnic relation and a member of Read More
Ashu Einstein
Public Relation officer
Ashu Einstein: He worked as a journalist and furthered his studies in Public Relations. He has a strong desire for Human Rights and justice. He has written extensively on discrimination Read More
Schubert Daniel
Cultural producer
Schubert Daniel is an Indian artist, as a cultural producer works in the field of art and culture - more often behind the curtains and backstage. He organizes an event‟s Read More