Training course – social Youths project

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                                                              07 – 12  – 08 / 2022

                            NORDIC CULTURAL POINT PROGRAMME – Learning mobility

            Training course – social Youths project                            

African Civil Society and partners are promoting youth training in partnership with other similar organizations in Sweden and Denmark to support the initiatives of responsibility as well as intercultural learning, including immigrants and social response dimensions, and to promote and support the role of youths in social responsibility and capacity building activities that contribute to living together in dignity and dialogue through a network of explicitly sharing the experiences of youths to strengthen the presence and promote the values of diversity in the community.

The main location of the training course will take place in Helsinki from August 7th to August 12th, 2022, and is supported by the Nordic Cultural Point under the NORDBUK Grant program for learning mobility.

The action of this project looks into the purpose of knowledge, intervention, information, awareness-raising, minimization of risks, and harm reduction associated with recreation in the contexts of social exclusion of unemployed youth seeking to contribute to social contexts that are truly inclusive and for more complicated situations associated with the exclusion of youth workers in disadvantageous situations, consequently reducing the number to the lowest possible number.

This mobility project is an important opportunity to provide a management concept, to improve immigrant youths’ knowledge, skills access to the labour market, enlarge social competencies, give the necessary tools to find an accurate understanding of immigrant issues, mobility to find the motivation to be key actors of sustainable development where they live and the way to improve social responses of youths.

 This training course will be in English with a residential format and will use methods of non-formal education and non-formal learning. Involving youths with an immigrant background and aims to improve the competencies of the youth with the intention of providing social responses to the full inclusion of the youth’s community-based in Nordic countries

For more information about the project, contact: 

Victoria Ndu


Download the program   PROGRAMME NORDIC 2022


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