The African Civil Society (ACSF) in Finland is an initiative geared towards the integration of ALL African civic Organization and Associations into an Umbrella Network. The African Civil Society, acronym ACSF ry is a strategic Alliance built on the collective ideology of unifying Africans in the Finnish DIASPORA.

Training course – social Youths project

                                                                  PRESS RELEASE                                       DEEP YOUTH INVOLVEMENT- SOCIAL PARTNER FOR DEVELOPMENT                           […]

Publication Result

Publication Result on social entrepreneurship and sustainability  Observations, Lessons, Benefits and Purposeful Action Going Forward –The subject project ‘’Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability’’ brought together forty (40) Nordic youth participants with each member

Who we are

African Civil Society Finland (ACSF) is formed for the purpose or enhancing the awareness level among Africans. It provides a forum to enable them to participate in seminars, workshops, training