The ACSF Board of Administrators has set as its main priority to build a stronger relationship with members in fostering our new vision such as executing projects and the pursuit of greater partnerships. Having an international representation and diverse skill sets is important so that it can provide the best services for the common interest. The Board of Administrators includes:

Emmanuel Ndifon
Chairman of the Board
Emmanuel is a scholar of outstanding disciplines whose passion in community building and grass root mobilization makes him a very unique resource person within the African community. His high sense Read More
Victoria Ndu-ljaodola
Secretary General
Victoria Ndu-ljaodola has her roots in Ghana: As someone with a strong value for humanity influenced by her higher academic pursuit, her passion is to impact the life of young Read More
Esther Mofor Mbi
Financial Secretary
Esther Mofor Mbi: She holds a BA in Banking and Finance and an MA in accounting. She is the founder of the association of ethnic relation and a member of Read More
Ashu Einstein
Public Relation officer
Ashu Einstein: He worked as a journalist and furthered his studies in Public Relations. He has a strong desire for Human Rights and justice. He has written extensively on discrimination Read More
Schubert Daniel
Cultural producer
Schubert Daniel is an Indian artist, as a cultural producer works in the field of art and culture - more often behind the curtains and backstage. He organizes an event‟s Read More