Who we are

African Civil Society Finland (ACSF) is formed for the purpose or enhancing the awareness level among Africans. It provides a forum to enable them to participate in seminars, workshops, training and conferences so that they can be fully involved in multicultural activities and be better informed citizens ready to positively influence the way we perceive ourselves and are perceived by the world at large. We aim to promote positive understanding among Africans and the wider society in order to promote the integration and social inclusion process in Finland. (ACSF) will seek international co-operative projects that emphasize education and self-support in social and cultural activities.

Our aims include:

– Advancing the image of Africans and the values of their cultures.

– Promoting active integration of Africans in Finnish society.

– Advocating for the equal rights of Africans living in Finland and abroad.

– Promoting the emancipation of African women living in Finland and abroad.

– Opening windows of opportunity between Africans in Finland and the rest of world.

– Collaborating with other related Associations based in Finland and abroad.

– Promoting education within the African community in Finland



1) Provide a space for exchange of concepts and share similar interests, goals and aspirations;
2) Offer strategic support for capacity-building, networking and the dissemination of best practices;
3) Voice the concerns of its members in the political agenda of government and other institutions;
4) Produce policies, experience and expertise of young Africans living in Finland

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